Some will say Monday is definitely not a day to celebrate and we might agree. But everything changes when this Monday is the first birthday of Erasmus Student Network Kyiv!

It’s been such a wonderful year! This year has brought us a lot of amazing memories. First of all, we were registered as a candidate section at CNR Riga exactly one year ago. Second of all, we’ve recruited many wonderful volunteers and hosted many cool international students. Apart from that, we organized dozens of local events but we also took part in international events. All that has led to being officially approved at CNR Palermo in May. Today we celebrate our first birthday, and we hope the following year will be as memorable as the previous one. So may it be an unforgettable journey again, let’s go! Happy birthday, ESN Kyiv. Keep blossoming!

To see the establishing of ESN Kyiv in action check out the vlog of our President Tania Fedorchuk from CNR Riga! 

Erasmus Student Network Kyiv