A visit to Kyiv is not complete without riding the metro. As well as boasting the world’s deepest station (Arsenalana), the metro system also has some of the most beautifully decorated and ornate stations in the world.

Every city has its legends and mysteries, and it's so exciting to open up its secrets and look at the same place from a brand-new perspective. Grab your popcorn and let's explore legends of Chernihiv.

Chernihiv is only 2 hours away from Kyiv and is considered to be one of the mysterious cities.

Ukrainian cuisine tastes heavenly, and wonderfully, and perfectly, and... Our love for Ukrainian food is endless but it has one big con - almost every dish contains meat. The post is dedicated to those lovely people who are looking for something vegetarian in Kyiv.

1. Orang-utan 

This sandwich bar is so good that meat-eaters prefer it over all the other restaurants in the city, and it says a lot, huh? You can find your perfect sandwich on S. Petlura st., 16/108 or Sichovyh Striltsiv, 72.

2. One Planet

Kyiv is filled with lots of not only mysterious but also mystical places. One of such is House with gargoyles.

We are happy to welcome you in Kyiv and can't wait to tell you everything about our beautiful city. Before we get to secret places, it is great to explore Kyiv as an ordinary tourist!

1. Watch the fountains on Khreschatyk street