To make February as exciting and diverse as possible, we have prepared a series of events in Kyiv for all tastes. From classical concerts and famous performances to Chinese lanterns festivals, you can find all the impressive events of this month in our guide.

Please, do not forget to wear a mask and social distance!

Exhibition of works by Maria Primachenko

Unique and talented Maria Primachenko is a world-famous Ukrainian folk artist in the genre of "naive art". Primachenko's style synthesizes the experience of generations and reaches the most ancient art. She develops traditional symbols of folk art and fills them with new meaning. 

At the exhibition "Kalynovy Berehy (viburnum shores)" there are many works dedicated to viburnum, which Ukrainians consider to be a poetic symbol of their land. Bring your friends and fully comprehend the spirit of Ukrainian folk art.

February 1, 3-8, 10-22, 22-28  from 10:00 to 18:00
National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art
Lavrska Street, 9, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01015
Ticket price:
50 UAH

Kozak System

Kozak System is a Ukrainian rock band that constantly represents Ukraine at European and global music festivals.

However, at this concert, you are going to discover a new side of the band. Brutal and courageous artists open up their souls through their lyrical hits and sensitive premieres. It is a great gift to your loved one because a romantic end of the day is guaranteed.

February 10,  from 19:00 to 22:00
Docker Pub
Bohatyrska Street, 25
Ticket price:
350-550 UAH

Stand-Up in Barbeer Music Pub 

Are you in a need of a great laugh? Stand-up will surely satisfy your desires. In Barbeer Music Pub, you will find regular stories that can happen to anyone of us. However, stand-up comics know how to tell a story in a way that will leave you giggling for the rest of the evening. 

February 14, 19:00
Barbeer Music Pub 
Maksymovych st., 4
Ticket price:
180-250 UAH

Excursion around the underground Podil of the XIX century

An experienced digger will guide you through the ancient dungeons of Podil to the "Underground River Hlybochytsia". In the process of passing a two-kilometer underground route, you will touch the almost unknown page of Kyiv history and may fall in love with this city all over again.

February 7, 14, 21, 28  from 13:00 to 15:30
Kontraktova ploshcha
Ticket price:
249 UAH

Performance "Viennese coffee"

Performance "Viennese coffee" is one of the modern theatrical productions of Ukraine, which constantly gathers full halls. Panorama of the twentieth century, historical secrets, prominent figures, war, love, and coffee, around which the plot unfolds, create a fascinating combination that attracts visitors over and over again.

February 16, 19:00
Dovzhenko center
Ticket price:
300-400 UAH

Excursion to FILM.UA Film studio

Excursion to the FILM.UA film studio is a journey into the world of modern Ukrainian cinema and television production. FILM.UA Group is the largest group of companies in Eastern Europe in the field of film and television production. During the tour, you will:

- learn what happens between coming up with the idea to its implementation on the screen
- find out how Hollywood blockbuster gain Ukrainian voices
- discover the creation process of Ukrainian cartoons
- see shooting pavilions, a collection of retro cars, and to walk on a fortress of times of Kyivan Rus.

It is a fine chance to learn more about Ukrainian television and become closer to Ukrainian filmmaking.

on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 11:00, 13:00 or 15:00
FILM.UA film studio
Mykola Zakrevskyy street, 22
Ticket price:
300 UAH

Pottery master class

A pottery master class is a great way to distract yourself from the routine and relax. Immerse yourself in a romantic adventure, and create something really valuable with your own hands.bIn the master class in pottery, you will be able to create two clay products under the close supervision of an expert.

February 1-28, 15:15-16:45; 17:00-18:30
Art Studio «Likhtaryk» Bastionna street, 5A
Ticket price:
250 UAH

Chinese Lantern Festival

Kyiv is a great place to explore different cultures. In February, you will have a great opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. 30 themed locations, kilometers of silk and hundreds of thousands of fabulous led lamps will recreate the mysterious world of China. A special guest of the program is a giant Fire Lion, and organizers claim it to be super instagramable!

Costumed actors, attractions for adults and children, food courts, thematic workshops are on the agenda as well. Visit during the weekends to see a fire show as well!

February 12 - March 28
Spivoche Pole
Tickets price:
50-200 UAH

Author: Oksana Krit