The lockdown is over. We can finally go somewhere except supermarkets! ESN Kyiv would like to recommend a couple of activities and establishments to visit so you can feel what it is like to be a part of society again.

However, do not forget to wear a mask and keep the social distance

Protasiv Yar

Source: Protasiv Yar Facebook

Haven’t you had time to feel the winter spirit? Well, it is easy to fix! Protasiv Yar is a historical area converted into a ski resort. It welcomes both beginners and professionals in winter sports. Four tracks of varying difficulty with a vertical drop of up to 80 meters are waiting for you. 

Moreover, there is a special offer. You can enjoy night skiing every week, from Saturday to Sunday.

Address: Protasiv Yar Street, 23A

Ice rink ‘ROSHEN’

Source: Winter Village Facebook

Do snowboarding and ski seem too complicated? The ice rink is perfect then! Smooth ice, a wide variety of skates for rent, nice music, and light show - you definitely will find something to enjoy.
Address: Nauki Avenue, 1

Quest Room Kadroom

Source: Kadroom website

If you are craving for solving puzzles, especially with some horrifying effects, it is the place! Kadroom offers a lot of emotions ranging from riddle curiosity to adrenaline. You are pushed to solve a mystery while the actors are trying their best to give you goosebumps.

Address: Multiple locations, depends on a chosen quest

Room of virtual reality CUBE

Check out new technologies of virtual reality! New galaxies will fall at your feet, you will become the conqueror of the tops of mountains and the depths of the oceans, fight with zombies, and, of course, save the world. We cannot promise that you will not be eaten by a monster or declassified by super-agents, but we guarantee that you will receive unforgettable emotions and impressions! You are able to enjoy VR either with friends or alone.

Address: Nimetska Street ,3B/Ivana Kudri Street, 20B/Moskovska Street, 36/1

Theatre on Podil

Source: Theatre website

Culture time! The establishment offers a great deal of performances, everyone will find a play to match their mood. Furthermore, it has an ideal location in one of the most fascinating districts in the city. The architecture attracts with its dissimilarity to other Kyiv theatres and strikes with modernity. 

Address: Andriyivsky Uzviz, 20 A/B

Octo Tower

Source: Octo Tower Facebook

Incredible combination of coworking space, photo studio, lecture hall and coffee shop – a six-story renovated emergency exit building from the nearest hospital. The conjunction of Soviet modernism and Scandinavian minimalism will definitely leave an imprint in memory. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy coffee from all over the world while looking at walls full of witty inscriptions or breathtaking views of Kyiv.

Address: Mechnikova Street, 5

Rovesnyk Café

Source: Rovesnyk Cafe

There are no waiters or other staff. Meals and drinks are prepared by the owner of the restaurant in the open kitchen. A place is filled with a relaxed friendly atmosphere, where you can walk barefoot, read books, play board games or just chat with a stranger on the next couch. During the winter it is decorated like a New Year’s fairytale of the beginning of the ‘00s.

Address: Budivelnykiv Street, 35


Source: Positano Facebook

The restaurant serves traditional and original pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven by master Stefano Ferrara. Positano also has fresco pasta, snacks, main dishes and desserts, and a variety of natural Italian wines. The restaurant holds 30th place in the ranking of the best pizzerias in the world.

Address: Pavel Tichyny Avenue, 1c

Talkies Bar

Source: Talkies Bar Facebook

Their bar card is extremely unique. They choose a song and then create a drink that matches it. Afterward, they create a painting based on a song and a drink. Overall, they have 12 theme drinks. The paintings are hung in a room that is illuminated by warm, low light, creating an atmosphere of the golden twenties. Don’t worry if you don't fancy anything from these drinks: you can always talk to a bartender and they will create something to your taste.

Address: Mezhyhirska Street, 3/7

Author: Irina Vergunova