Lying on your couch and destroying the fridge is all cool but do we really want to finish quarantine with backache and inability to walk?


Yes, we do!


Wait, something went wrong. 


No, we don`t!


Doing this bare minimum will save our sanity, make it seem like we are living a normal life and entertain us for quite a while. With no further ado – THE minimum.


1. Eat healthily


Now we have all the time in the world to look up healthy meals and snacks and put some time and effort into cooking them. Try BBC Good Food, Eating Well or Buzzfeed healthy recipes. You can order delivery from restaurants as well.

Tips for handling food during quarantine:

  • Refrigerate or freeze all you can
  • Eat food with short expiry date first 
  • Buy non-perishables
  • Take vitamins
  • Use grocery delivery to minimize going out


2. Work out


There are no more excuses as I am too tired or I do not have time or I am too shy to go to the gym.  

Maybe you can`t hit the gym (they are closed) but walking and biking are still okay as long as you keep a distance of two metres. Walk around your neighbourhood or if you live in dorms om VDNH, we have an amazing park nearby!

Indoor workouts include yoga (Down Dog, Yoga International), weights, dancing. You can find a great variety of exercises on YouTube or Pinterest. Pamela Reif and PopSugar will make you pop!


3. Sleeping schedule


We know, watching You or How I met you mother at 1 am feels better than at 1 pm. Still, watching TV at night and sleeping during the day can affect your health drastically. Daylight messes with your sleeping quality and such a sleeping schedule will make it hard for you to go back after everything is over. Oversleeping is not a great idea either. You will only feel more tired afterwards. Moreover, keeping your normal routine helps your mental health a lot. 


4. Take care of your mental health


Quarantine means that you can`t really meet people and go out a lot. We are starting to feel lonely and sad. However, you can avoid that by:

  • Keep yourself busy with studying, creating art, reading or cleaning
  • Lunch via video chat, watch films with Netflix party plugin, text with your friends
  • Get dressed and visit shower sometimes
  • Don`t overuse social media – they spread overwhelming and fake news
  • Keep a journal (maybe you can sell it later and become famous, who knows)


Easy-peasy advice and healthy-wellsy you at the end of the quarantine!