Erasmus can be quite an overwhelming time. There are just so many interesting things to do and new experiences to get. So it happens a lot that Erasmus students get excited about everything else but not their health. Still, post-Erasmus you will not like you for this.

So what to do when you just don`t have time for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Easy tricks to keep that doctor away are here!



How many times have you said “I am going to go to the gym this Monday”? How many times have you actually gone? Here is a problem. All the broken promises make you feel bad. However, who said that sports can`t exist without a gym? You can walk instead of using the subway or take a dancing class or go swimming. During the walk, you can listen to a podcast or talk to a friend to make it even more joyful.


This advice is so overused that it becomes annoying. But it is being forced for a reason – your skin and brain will love your new water routine, it helps you to get the toxins out of your body and boosts your metabolism. Benefits can go on and on. The only problem is that we simply forget to drink water. That is why Drink water reminder exists. It sends you customized notifications based on when you wake up, visit classes and go to bed.


We associate healthy food with hours spend cooking and a bag full of food containers. However, healthy snacks as baby carrot or muesli bars don`t require that. Kyiv has also a chain of healthy restaurants as Salateira, Mira Café, Come on, Fred and Fresh. You can go for healthy choices in Puzata khata as well.


Partying is a big part of Erasmus and it is hard to leave them out but it is possible to make them slightly healthier than usual. First things first – never drink if you haven`t eaten yet. You`ll get drunk too fast and feel not your best the next morning. Don`t forget to put water in between your drinks – it prevents you from a bad hangover in the morning.  Don`t mix things up and go for low-alcohol drinks. Partying is not about getting smashed – it is about meeting new people and creating adventures. Those are things you can do without being drunk.


Everything happens at once and you reduce your hours of sleep to finish that assignment, to meet your friend, to travel, to watch a new TV series and so on. Those things (assignment part out) seem more interesting. Still, to do all the exciting things you need to have rest first. Otherwise, you will end up being constantly tired and adventures won`t bring any happiness anymore. 8 hours of solid sleep is the best medicine.

Tech hygiene

It can happen that you don`t have time for a healthy lifestyle just because you spend too much time on social media. Texting right before going to bed can lead to sleepless hours. Informational flood adds up to your stress level. Anyway, living life is much better than watching other people live it. Moreover, coffee together instead of the text will get you much deeper insights into who a person really is, result in more smiling and you won`t really miss anything. Warning! In no time you can notice that good mo stories and photos from the supermarket aren`t bringing anything into your life. E.ggtimer can help you to control your activity.

Those are simple things that your body and mental state will thank you for. Start today and feel better tomorrow!