Kyiv is a perfect place for adventurous travellers. As they say, the city is kinda in the middle of it all: Balkan, Caucasia, Europe and post-Soviet countries. It means that you can explore as many cultures as possible!

Here are 5 countries you must see during your stay in Ukraine.

 1. Poland

It is a very popular travel destination among Ukrainians themselves. Poland has amazing architecture where every city has something unique. It has a rich cultural heritage, more than amazing food, and joyful people! 

Must-visit cities: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Krakow, Wrocław, Poznan

How to get there: low-costs always have cheap offers (10€ per ticket), buses and direct trains are open for green travelling.

 2. Turkey 

Turkey is something completely different. Different religion, lifestyle, perception of the world. Even though it is more popular as a vacation destination, it is a shame to oversee all the miracles the country has in it. Lively markets, cities that kept their authentic appearance and seem like they didn’t change at all, narrow streets you want to get lost in and never be found. Turkey is a traveller‘s treasure.

Must-visit cities: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Ephesus

How to get there: by plane with airlines UIA, Turkish Airlines or by boat from Odessa 

 3. Georgia 

This country is full of loving kindness and there is no surprise why people go back there again and again. Their food comes to our dreams and picturesque views of the mountains make us want to pack things and go right away. Since hearts ache for visiting Georgia it is better to stop here.

Must-visit cities: Tbilisi, Kakheti, Kutaisi, Svaneti

How to get there: planes, buses, trains - everything will take you to that sunny country. It’s a matter of time and your preferences 

 4. Hungary

Hungary is a magnificent country. The biggest lake in Europe, a view from Fisherman’s Bastion, Parliament will stay in your memory forever. From relaxing baths to city labyrinths - every traveller will find their kind of attraction.

Must-visit cities: Budapest, Keszthely, Fertőd

How to get there: planes (low-cost airlines say hi again), buses 

 5. Serbia 

It is a country of wonderful nature, healthy lifestyle and preserved history. It has a very special vintage street, Skadarlija, where all artists, poets and writers were meeting. Now you can go on a tour around antique stores and find real treasures of art.

Must-visit cities: Belgrade,  Sremska Mitrovica, Nis, Novi Sad

How to get there: planes, trains and buses, cars

Five different countries. Absolutely unique cultures. Striking weekends. Are you buying tickets already?