While hearts and chocolate season is approaching, people who don`t have a significant other or too far away from their loved ones are starting to feel lonely. Relatable memes on Instagram do their best job at laughing this off but it still hurts sometimes.

ESN Kyiv will not let St. Valentine`s day to get onto your nerves. Not feeling lonely – mission: possible!

1. Friends

You are not the only person in this world who has not got into a relationship yet. Go through your contacts and most possibly you`ll find people who don`t have someone to celebrate this day with. Try a cosy coffee shop, your favourite bar, movie night, board games – a warm conversation and a good friend will totally cheer you up. Besides, love is not only about boyfriends or girlfriends. Show some love to your friends!

2. High-quality me-time

 A couple of candles, your favourite snacks, a movie you wanted to watch for months but never actually had time to, a book that you bought a year ago and haven’t opened yet, fair lights, a blanket fort… Honestly, dates with yourself may sound better than the regular ones. We mean, there are no quarrels over which restaurant to visit or which movie to watch, nobody is taking the last piece of your favourite snack, and there is a person you love the most – you! Treating yourself right is a form of love as well.

3. Volunteer

Do you know who is even lonelier than you on this day? People who don`t have anyone left. Try visiting senior houses – you will hear amazing stories of someone`s youth, receive a piece of good advice and lots of gratitude and smiles. Go for an orphanage – draw the sun in the corner of a sheet of paper, play the games you enjoyed so much when you were young, read fairy tales to someone who will give you all the love they have. Warming up someone`s heart will definitely warm up your own. By the way, visiting an animal shelter or doing something good for the planet are amazing ideas too!

4. Ignore it

We mean, if you don`t feel like being a part of this day – don`t be. Keep up with your routine, buy chocolate not because of the day, but because you like it, listen to the music you like and not the love songs which remind you that you are single. Kindly reminder, there are always couples on the street – why would they bother you that much today?


5. Visit ESN Kyiv movie night

We are not all talk and no action. "Pretty woman" and Novahub are here to drag you out of your loneliness. Check out the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/852414211877126/

We just want you to know – being single is as normal as being in a relationship. You can try new hobbies, spend time with your friends, learn something new about the world or yourself. Furthermore, spending money to treat yourself, not waxing or shaving, not sharing the blanket, no responsibility for other people, throwing these jeans on the lamp because no one can forbid you – sounds like heaven, huh?

You are still art no matter if there is someone to admire you or not. Other people or relationship status don`t define you. Remain as awesome as you are and rock this Valentine`s day!