We couldn`t resist this post because you can`t say no to a mulled wine. Cozy place, red noses, hot wine with hints of cinnamon and oranges… A perfect evening we all need right now! (Or morning. Exam week is not easy). There are 4 places where you can have your perfect steaming mulled wine.

1. Druzi

This nice café serves sea ​​buckthorn, apple, and tangerine viburnum and cranberry mulled wines. We are a little bit in love with the cozy and very relaxed atmosphere of this place, and they have board games! Get your friends and feel Christmas coursing through your veins.

2. Glintveinya

Mulled wine is all what this place is about. Classical, fruit, and pomegranate mulled wine is served in the amazing café with big panorama windows. You can watch people rushing to their jobs or home while you calmly sip your drink in the warmth.

3. Baluvana Galya

Varenyky and mulled wine with home-made tinctures and fruit liquors sounds like heaven. Their specialty is white mulled wine with medovuha (honey tincture). They will also give you an apple with cinnamon in addition.

4. Kyflyk

Do you miss the Carpathian Mountains and its free spirit? You are happy to have Kyflyk in Kyiv! They cook their mulled wine based on Carpathian homemade wine and add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, lemon, orange, and honey. You can also try variations with raspberries and rum, or apple and black currant. Embroidered pieces and traditional decorations will make you feel like on the top of a snowy mountain. Just don`t look in the window – those busy businessmen will get you back in reality. 

We wish you the very best mulled wine and the very coziest people around. Get that Christmas mood hyped up!