There are a lot of things you can say about Vinnytsia: small and very cozy, it has narrow atmospheric streets and smiling people. The city is full of culture and people always use “European spirit” when describing it. But what is hidden behind strangers` smiles and beautiful fountains? It turns out Vinnytsia has lots of secrets!

1.      Mental hospital

A classic horror movie came to live in this place. Bloodletting, electric shocks, beating, forced starvation, burns, bells, and gags were the things that made even sane people go crazy. It was a typical treatment method though. People say that at night you can see the ghosts of tortured people walking around the beautiful building. However, citizens don`t believe in such nonsense and claim that those are kids’ stories. But are they?

2.      Kemp island

Known as a festival island, Kemp is actually a mighty place of power. This piece of land doesn`t belong to any bank and became a line between this world and the other. Warlocks and witches all over the world are coming there to gain back what is lost. 

3.      “Knyzhka”

The administrative building “Knyzhka” was built in the times of the USSR. The main part of the building is hidden under the surface, and it even had a secret code: “Iceberg”. Important political figures and military leaders used the dungeons to escape or evacuate in the case of military actions. They say that Knyzhka is the center of the underground tunnels that go through the whole city. However, the shortest and maybe the most important one leads to a pub. Escape from the routine is an escape too, huh?

4.      Television tower

Officially, it is an ordinary tower, but who cares about officially? People say that the military used it to experiment with people`s minds. It was something like total psychological influence on every citizen. After 1991, the experiments had stopped. Or not.

We won`t tell every story, of course. So no worries, Vinnytsia, keep your secrets. However, if you visit the city, it will tell you about other places of power, the devil`s hotel and the center of Hitler`s Europe. Pack your things and leave. When? Now is just the perfect time!