Zaporizhzhia is a significant historical city for Ukrainians. It is the exact place where the image of Kozak as a noble, freedom-loving, and brave person was formed. In Zaporizhzhia, you can still feel the spirit of battle and brotherhood on its streets.

Moreover, Zaporizhzhia is the perfect combination of history and mystery. Our task today is to open up at least 3 of its secrets.

1.      The stone that makes females` wish come true

Citizens never point out that stone directly. They say that you have to open up your female spirit and to feel it with every fibre of being. Only then your deepest wish will come true.

The history behind its power is traditionally tragic and traditionally about love. Melanka, our main character, was head over hills in love with a Kozak. However, parents were against such a couple and wanted her to marry a rich merchant. The girl ran away from the house to chase her real love. While she was trying to go through Dnipro rapids she lost consciousness. She woke up on the cliff and started to pray: “Please, turn me into the stone, but don`t force me to live unhappy and unloved”.

That is exactly what happened. Now Melanka is helping other women to make their dreams come true.

2.      The treasure

People say that in one of the numerous caves near Dnipro the Kozaks hid their treasure. Till that day no one managed to find it and they have a strong reason – the treasure is guarded by the old spell. Only blood heirs of the Kozaks who hid it can see the treasure and open it.

The treasure may be lost forever. Or maybe you are the one to find it?

3.      The sword of the Duke

In Zaporizhzhia, on the Black mountain, Sviatoslav Igorovich had his last battle in 972. He was known as a noble and fearless man who would always say the enemy before the battle “Beware! I come against thee”.

In 2011 his sword was found. It is more than 1000 years old, 94 cm long and weighs 1 kilo. Now it is kept in the history museum of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks. Since then the citizens have been seeing a ghost of the fallen Duke. Is he looking for his sword?

It is not even the 10th part of all the legends and mysteries that the magnificent city has to tell you. So don`t doubt and buy the tickets to the Cossacks capital today! The treasures and dreams come true are waiting for you:)