Zamkova mountain (“Castle mountain”) is one of the most famous mystic places of Ukraine. It is located in the very center of Kyiv, but tourists usually don`t know about this spot. 80-meter high hill received its modern name in XVI century, when Lithuanian prince built a wooden castle on its top. The castle existed from the end of XIV till the end of XVII century. Nowadays, Zamkova mountain looks abandoned. There is no infrastructure – if someone goes up the hill, he/she will find only shady trees and dense greenery, hiding remains of an old cemetery and an empty tomb. However, those who enjoy spectacular views will surely love wonderful panorama of Podil, Andryiivsky Descent, Andryiivska church and Vozdvizhenka, seen from Zamkova mountain. The top of mountain can be reached by stairs from Andryiivsky Descent.
Address: 20b, Andriyivsky Descent