Kyiv waterfall is artificial, obviously, but it is still as miraculous as the natural one! This small Kyiv wonder is situated on the territory of power station CHP-5, in the natural boundary Pokol. Numerous lakes and historical location Korchuvate are nearby as well. You can have a picnic in the beautiful natural surroundings or peacefully walk along the Dnipro.

The road to the waterfall is not easy and can be turned into a small adventure itself. You need to get to the Vydubychi metro station, get in the direction of the Dnipro, walk along the Obukhov highway to a long green fence, in which there are three gates. You need to go into the second one, cross the fenced area, till you get to the beginning of an open section of the canal. Then you should go along the canal to the waterfall. As you see, you can test your orientation skills and practice sports by walking (it takes half an hour to get to the place). If that doesn’t impress you - the more good stuff is coming! The path that leads there is breathtakingly beautiful, especially now, in autumn, and you can even meet some fishermen or find some pavilions.