In Lviv, exciting stories and fairytales are in the air. This atmospheric city has so many legends that it seems that even not every local would be able to tell them all.

Witches on the Bald Mountain

When Lviv was just founded, the castle was standing on the Kniazha mountain first. But strong winds were blowing over the mountain, so the king had spent only one winter in that castle and then he built the low castle on the hill and moved there. When the Poles attacked Lviv in 1340, the castle on Knyazha mountain had been burnt down and was never reconstructed afterward. The mountain, which had no forest left on it because of the fire, received the name “Bald”.

According to the legend, this place has become a favorite meeting point for witches, magicians, and demons, who lived in the city suburbs. At nights, witches were flying over the city, hunting for those who were strolling in the streets at a late hour. They were also looking for those unlucky ones who forgot a key in their doors. Witches stole the keys and brought them to their Master. Those homes that had been left without keys never experienced peace and harmony afterward. The witches had control over inhabitants and made them quarrel, fight and live in a mess. That's why when a family lived an unhappy life and had endless musses, the people said that the witches had stolen their keys.