Ukrainian cuisine tastes heavenly, and wonderfully, and perfectly, and... Our love for Ukrainian food is endless but it has one big con - almost every dish contains meat. The post is dedicated to those lovely people who are looking for something vegetarian in Kyiv.

1. Orang-utanĀ 

This sandwich bar is so good that meat-eaters prefer it over all the other restaurants in the city, and it says a lot, huh? You can find your perfect sandwich on S. Petlura st., 16/108 or Sichovyh Striltsiv, 72.

2. One Planet

It's not only delicious food but workshops and lectures about the environment, animals and own orchestra as well! Your educational meal is waiting for you on Mala Zhytomyrska st., 15.

3. Green 13

Here you can eat the best falafel and pita with tofu near the university. Green 13 points are situated on Bessarabs'ka Square, 2 and Shevchenko Boulevard, 26/4.

4. Anahata Fine Food

They have all kinds of vegetarian food, but I would write a full-blown article about their desserts. Grab your sweets on Bessarabs'ka Square, 2!

5. Shankara Food

It is the coziest vegetarian place ever. They will provide you not only with great food and beverages, but with films, hammocks, and games as well! Your tasty and cozy dinner is on Bekhterevsky Lane, 4.