Social inclusion is a process that aims to make equal opportunities for people who are disadvantaged. But there is also an opposite phenomenon. Do you want to learn more about it? Then read the article and find out how you can help promote the awareness of social inclusion. 

We continue our Ukrainian alphabet with the letter “Р” (which is “R” in English). However, the pronunciation differs, Ukrainian R is a rolled sound. 

As for the word behind the letter, we have chosen a Ukrainian woman who reformed the Medieval Ottoman Empire. Anastasiia Lisovska or Roksolana is one of the most famous and mysterious women in the history of Ukraine.

Spring was always associated with new beginnings, motivation, and “rebirth”. Yet, a lot of people struggle with general weakness, lack of will, mood swings, etc. Why is it so? How can you deal with it? Let’s dive in and see. 


A forest is the world treasure. It looks like a large building with many floors. On the first floor, there are mushrooms, moss, and berries, on the second one -  various bushes. Further, there are low trees, and on the highest floor, there are spruces and pines.

According to various resources, forests occupy approximately 16% of Ukraine. All these forests are different and unevenly spaced. The largest forests grow in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the north of the country, but in the southeast of Ukraine steppe (grassland plains without trees) predominates.

At the moment, 50% of women and 62% of men in Ukraine believe that the acts of inequality between men and women in Ukraine are a rare happenstance. At the same time, Ukraine is in the 59th position out of 153 countries in Global Gender Gap Index 2020 being on the same level as Mozambique, Chile, Croatia, Madagascar.

Erasmus has thousands of love stories. Some of them result in 1 million Erasmus babies, and others have no happy-ever-after but a very sweet in-between. Yet, every single of them is precious and lovely.

To celebrate the holiday of love and affection, we have gathered 3 stories about love that Ukrainians experienced during their exchanges.

Here is our favorite series of blog posts about volunteers of ESN Kyiv. Today we would like to introduce our talented writer Oksana Krit. Oksana joined ESN Kyiv last semester and now shares her thoughts on volunteering, life with and without ESN, and her “extraordinary funny” team. 

To make February as exciting and diverse as possible, we have prepared a series of events in Kyiv for all tastes. From classical concerts and famous performances to Chinese lanterns festivals, you can find all the impressive events of this month in our guide.

Please, do not forget to wear a mask and social distance!

The lockdown is over. We can finally go somewhere except supermarkets! ESN Kyiv would like to recommend a couple of activities and establishments to visit so you can feel what it is like to be a part of society again.

However, do not forget to wear a mask and keep the social distance

We are excited to bring Ukrainian ABC back! You may remember this series from our Facebook page but we have decided to move it here instead. You can find the previous letters and posts here. Today we introduce you to the letter "П" (P) and the word "Писанка" (Pysanka).

The word Pysanka, which consists of the Ukrainian word “pysaty” (“write”), is an Easter egg. Traditionally, these eggs are decorated with the use of wax-resist methods. As many scholars suggest, this art of decoration dates back to the pre-Christian era. 

Christmas is just around the corner! (In Ukraine, we celebrate Christmas on January, 7). Let's meet this holiday with the best Christmas treats. These dishes will make your traditional Christmas dinner truly international.

Christmas Stollen

The hallmark of the Christmas holiday is a rich, dense, sweet bread filled with dried fruit, candied citrus peel, marzipan or almond paste, and nuts. It hails from the city of Dresden, Germany, where it was first baked in the late 1500s. Let’s cook it together.

You can not really think about anything else in December but the results of the year. With the rise of social media, we have got to post summaries of what we have planned at the beginning, our progress, and cute little videos from the best moments of this year. 

This December started just like that. However, something went wrong. Instead of being proud and somewhat nostalgic, my friends and I were devastated.


Recently, my friend complained that he did not get enough sleep, that he was constantly tired. He is a very ambitious person and it is essential for him to be the first. He is always eager to develop. I respect him for that, but his exhausted image made me remember the time when I was an exact copy of him  ̶  a burned out copy.

Students pay little attention to their diet during Erasmus: they cut down expenses for nutritious and healthy food and eat something food like or spend a lot of money and time on sitting in the cafes and food establishments that can not replace healthy ration.

Therefore, we offer a way out of this situation - just to master the art of student cooking.

We will not leave you alone with this problem. Here is a selection of cool recipes that are easy to prepare, which you surely will cook because they are simple and delicious!

Where is this street? Probably, it is better to ask this man. I want to see my mom...

Do you know these phrases? Surely, everybody faces the problem of orientation in a new place. For Erasmus students, it is one of the first tasks that they have to deal with just after arriving in the city of their dream. It is important to understand that orientation in a new place, namely abroad, is rather not about spontaneity, but a well-thought-out plan. You should ask yourself: "What should I do before I go to the city X?"

Ми нещодавно розпочали серію прямих ефірів про усі можливості, які несе для вас Еразмус, і перший провела Таня Федорчук, розповівши про ESC ака Erasmus solidarity corps ака волонтерство.  

Чому волонтерство?

«Це для себе, для своєї кар’єри, для свого майбутнього. Це для свого власного розвитку», - розповідає Таня, а ми ставимо купу плюсиків.

Lying on your couch and destroying the fridge is all c

Erasmus can be quite an overwhelming time. There are just so many interesting things to do and new experiences to get. So it happens a lot that Erasmus students get excited about everything else but not their health. Still, post-Erasmus you will not like you for this.

So what to do when you just don`t have time for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Easy tricks to keep that doctor away are here!



Kyiv is a perfect place for adventurous travellers. As they say, the city is kinda in the middle of it all: Balkan, Caucasia, Europe and post-Soviet countries. It means that you can explore as many cultures as possible!

Here are 5 countries you must see during your stay in Ukraine.

 1. Poland

It is a very popular travel destination among Ukrainians themselves. Poland has amazing architecture where every city has something unique. It has a rich cultural heritage, more than amazing food, and joyful people! 

Our next interview hero is Jeanne. She is a Political science student from Strasbourg University, France and she did her Erasmus in Kyiv during the academic year 2018/2019. In this interview she proves that babushkas are actually amazing, gives hints on where to meet local students and shares a very unique point of view on Ukraine.


Q: What was your biggest stereotype about Ukraine? Did it turn out to be true?